About Epic Monkeez

We believe in creating an experience for our clients
We help businesses find clarity through design and success
through strategic content marketing

Epic Monkeez is a multidisciplinary webdesign and communication agency, based in the Utrecht region, Netherlands.
Founded by Arjan Terol and Tanya Gray. They have have been designing, creating, writing, marketing and teaching for over 15 years. Arjan is native Dutch and Tanya native Irish, combining two cultures, experiences, expertise and networks, to create one epic business.

Epic Monkeez provides services in Design and Development, Branding and Print and Content and Marketing.

We are focused on building relationships that last a lifetime, our clients return to us because we know not only their brands products and services, we know them, we believe in the longevity of their businesses and we are passionate about their vision.

Arjan Terol - Epic Monkeez

Tanya Gray - Epic Monkeez

“We are passionate about the power of design and communication to make a difference. Epic Monkeez provides one place for all your creative needs. One place that works seamlessly ensuring maximum results and maximum return on your investment. We do not sell our services, we provide them and our advise is free. Epic monkeez is about our clients, their brands products and services. Our Clients fuel our passion. Our clients make us epic.”

Our working foundation is communication, we know that communication is key to all successful products, brands and services and their longevity. We use design, content and marketing to speak to your customers. We listen to your needs, research and think outside the box, to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Epic Monkeez is committed to creating more than just aesthetics, we are focused on ensuring your brands, products and services have impact. Impact in the market. Impact on lives. And most of all, impact that stands the test of time.

To survive in todays fast changing market, you must not only anticipate change but drive it. We see it as our responsibility to
keep the web moving forwards

Our Disciplines

Whether we are working with a Corporate Company, Large Business and Government Organisation that needs assistance providing a clear, direct message to their target market. Start-Up, Small Business and Entrepreneur that needs assistance about where to start and how to maximise the return on their investments, or a Non-Profit Organisation that has limited funding, restricted budgets and scarce resources. We use four vital disciplines to form the base of all our projects. Our approach is multidisciplinary.

About Our Strategic Disciplines


It takes a combination of psychological and sociological approaches in assessing the target market, planning, researching and strategising to create successful brands, products and services. We look at the “bigger picture” we research your target market and we anticipate changes. Through strategic design and thinking we deliver complete and resilient solutions.

About Our Interactive Disciplines


We pride ourselves on our interactive disciplines and expertise. Our highly skilled team know not only what the search engines want, but more importantly what your customers want and need. We create “cutting edge” search engine optimised content and websites that are clear, responsive and optimised for speed. Giving your users the best user experience possible on a website that looks great on any browser, platform and mobile device.

About Our Design Disciplines


Your brand and product design is one of your most vital assets. It’s your customers first impression of you and should form the cornerstone of all your marketing plans. We create concepts and designs that translate your vision into innovative websites, graphics, visuals, typography and illustrations using cutting edge technologies and the most modern programming languages.

About Our Communication Disciplines


Through strategic thinking, market research, creativity and problem solving, we use communication to attract, inspire, create desires and strategically motivate people to respond to your messages. Through collaboration with you, we communicate your vision and provide clear context ensuring you stand out from the crowd.