How we work

Every project has different needs and every client is individual.
Our process is designed to bring maximum results to any brand,
product and service

The Seed

This is where your idea begins, the root of your passion and vision. The seed is what you come to us with and it forms the starting point to the direction your project will take. At Epic Monkeez we know that to develop and create effective solutions it is essential to not only have a solid understanding of the problem or goal, but it is also vital we understand you, your products, your services, your customers and your competition. This forms the base of all our projects.

We can assist you from the ground up, enable you to branch out and add new stems, strengthen the infrastructure by upgrading your current designs and content, or assist, teach and train you in effective maintenance.

Every client and project have different needs, the strategy of our process is designed around you, your products, your services and your customers, ensuring not only aesthetics, but also functionality and success. Together with you we grow something that is strong, functional, innovative and breathtaking. With the right loving care, research and maintenance any seed can become truly wonderful.

Our Process - How we work from the start

Our process

Our Process - How we work, the whole process

Stage 3: Implementation Phase

“Proficient Implementation ensures long term stability and success, strategic nourishment ensures growth”

The Implementation phase is where we start to build. Seamlessly uniting everything we have designed, created, developed and collaborated with you. We then run tests to ensure everything it is correct and functioning as it should do. We get your final approval and then deliver it to you with any advise that is necessary. We start maintaining from here ensuring consistency, effectiveness and long lasting relationships with our clients.

Stage 2:Innovation Phase

“Innovation shapes the stem, we ensure it is strong, ready to take on winds blowing its way”

The Innovation phase is where we take the brief, the research and the strategy and start to create, design and develop. Shaping the look, feel and structure. In collaboration with you we go over concepts, mockups and make revisions if necessary.

Stage 1:Immersion Phase

“Plant the seed and immerse it in the right soil with the right ingredients and amazing things begin to happen, this is the foundation”

The Immersion phase is where we have our first meeting you outline your needs and wishes in your brief and we collaborate to create a strategy. We produce a quote that includes the deliverables, the timeline, the specification and the cost. Upon approval of the quote we begin to immerse ourselves and research all the psychology and sociology required to know you, your brands, products, services, your customers and your competition.